Monday, March 8, 2010

Glue, Don't Fail Me Now!

There are no pictures to show you of the science fair storyboard that we completed yesterday. By completed, I mean threw together in such a fantastic hurry that I knew only bad would come of it. We had reasons for the rush, for wanting to get it there yesterday, when we could have turned it in tonight. In retrospect, those reasons seem kind of idiotic, and mostly related to me and my impatience. Lesson learned.

Samuel got off the school bus this afternoon and announced to me that his project was "destroyed". We drove over and looked upon the mess. Labels, pictures and other things scattered on the ground. I whipped the glue bottle out of my purse and went to work. All while bent down on my knees on the gym floor in my black work pants with my rear in the air. I realized a little too late that my sweater had ridden up and every one on the left side of the gym could see my underwear. Including Samuel's teacher. And Science Club teacher. I'm sure they were greatly impressed with me. And my lack of adhesive skills. I should be ashamed to call myself a scrapbooker.

I don't care if it wins an award, I just want the thing to stay together until 8:00 pm tomorrow night.

UPDATE: As of 7:00 pm tonight, the board was still holding up. Only 25 more hours. Fingers crossed!

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A. Davis said...

I do not, as you know, use "lol". However, I am lol'ing so hard at your underwear story I am crying!!! It sounds like me. :)