Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome 2011!! What? It's June Already?

First things first.  I am alive.  Just in case any of you out there in the blogging world were wondering.  Also it appears that I have managed to lose one of my four followers since I last posted.  That's a whole 25% of my readership - and it wasn't even the 25% that is canine.  I lost an actual human.  Tragic.

Since I last posted I have lost 15 pounds, gained 5, had two very successful yard sales, bought season passes to Dollywood, helped with a 5K, started organizing a scrapbooking crop to benefit Royal Family Kids Camp, been to two Zumba classes, watched my son finish elementary school,  had one terrible bout of car sickness, read a multitude of books some good - some mediocre, rode a jet ski for the first time in my life, went to the Murphy, NC flea market on two occasions, started drinking caffeine again (after a 10-year hiatus), enjoyed some dueling clogging at the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show, experienced more snow in Cleveland TN than I ever have before and just a few months later watched tornadoes devastate our county, unfriended about 1/3 of my facebook friends and "hid" another 1/3, got a smart phone, bought and broke three phone covers, bought Beaches on DVD, completely overhauled our landscaping outside our house, hung two ferns on my front porch, and am currently trying a new brand of makeup.

There.  You are caught up.  I will try desperately to do a better job from here on out.  Empty promise, I know.  Stay turned for the possibility of some more book reviews.  Perhaps.