Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book Reviews - January 2010

I'm sure all four of my followers are wildly curious about what I think, and because it's an icky day outside and I need something to do that is NOT cleaning my house, I've decided to review the books I've read so far in 2010. Since it's January 30th, I figured I would act as though I intended to do a month review and not that it just conveniently fell that way.

If you are my friend and see a book you are interested in, and I haven't mailed it out on yet, then feel free to borrow it.

Oh, and by the way, do not expect these book reviews to tell you much or be uniform in any way. It's just whatever the heck I feel like saying about it. If you're looking for a professional review, go somewhere else!

And here we go....

1. The Lost Quilter - Jennifer Chiaverini
I believe this is the 14th or so book by Jennifer Chiaverini that I have in the Elm Creek Quilts series. I am particularly fond of the ones that go back in time and tell a story during a historical period, which this did. My heart was tugged and moved for the heroine's plight and I was horrified by many of the things that happened to her.....even more so knowing that these things - and worse - happened to slaves regularly. This book can be read on it's own (if you ignore the first chapter or so...) or in order of the series. I highly recommend it.

2. Untamed - Francine Rivers
This was my bookclub's choice for January. It's a small book that tells a fictionalized version of the story of Tamar from Genesis 38. This was an excellent book, and just another example of how much I adore Francine Rivers. I love the way she can take a story or character from the Bible and just bring the whole thing to life. She now has this story in a larger volume along with other small stories about women from the Bible (I can't remember the name.) Highly recommend.

3. Whitethorn Woods - Maeve Binchy
In this book, Maeve Binchy tells many, many different stories....with many characters....whose lives and stories all sort of intertwine and involve or mention Whitethorn Woods and/or the statue/shrine of St. Ann that is in those woods. My boss loaned me this book probably two whole years ago. I had started in once and put it down - not because it wasn't good - but I don't think my brain could handle it all back at that particular moment. When I picked it back up again I read through it fairly quickly. I recommend this book, but it may not be for everyone. Many of the stories are left kind of open-ended and that could just drive a person crazy. I have read several other books by Maeve Binchy and I have enjoyed them all probably a little more than this one.

4. A Thousand Words for Stranger - Julie E. Czerneda
Let me start by fessing up that I only made it to page 105. I used to read books to the end no matter what. Now that I turn 40 this year (gasp!!) I have decided that I'm not going to waste time on any book that I don't either really like....or at least am interested enough in to be compelled to find out the ending. (And I am NOT one of those people who just turns to the end of the book!) Having said that, this is not a bad book. Truly. It has been interesting. I feel for the character Sira. I've wondered about what is going to happen to her. But I just can't get into it. I do enjoy a good SciFi movie or show now and then, but this was my first attempt at a book that I would put in that category. Not for me.

If I actually remember that I did this for January, I might do it again in February. Unless, of course, I forget.

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Charissa said...

Love the reviews. Francine Rivers is one of my favorites, too! And I agree with you about not wasting time on books that don't draw you in! I've got better things to do and more books on my waiting list. :-)