Friday, January 29, 2010

Basketball / Snow / Cake

It took me a couple of Samuel's basketball games to even get a picture he was IN, so I didn't mind that the quality was low when I finally was able to capture him. The fact that he had the ball in his hand was a huge plus. We will ignore that this was before the game started and no one else was around him, but it did make things much, much easier.

My second shot of Samuel was a great improvement. I can't remember what was actually happening at this point because I am totally incapable of paying attention to the game and taking pictures at the same time. I hope for more basketball pics at future games, but these two are enough for a scrapbook page if I never take another, which is entirely possible.

I was hugely disappointed this morning that school was not canceled due to inclement weather, since I had already informed by boss that I would be staying home if it was. When the schools decided to let out at noon, my excitement was barely contained. I know this doesn't look like a lot of snow, but it's a fairly good amount piling up outside now and it's still coming down.

We have bread, milk, and a lot of junk food should we be snowed/iced in all weekend. This is how Samuel and I celebrated:

We did save a piece for John, in case you were wondering.

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