Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone Want an Amish Friendship Bread Starter?

Amish Friendship Bread starters have been taking over our house lately. I finally decided to freeze one, throw two away, and keep the last one going because John and Samuel LOVE it. I'm due to bake the bread on Thursday and then I'll have, yes, four more anyone is in the mood for some bread baking, let me know.

Here's a pic from Samuel's soccer game on Saturday. I can't seem to get the timing right on when to press the button (I wanted him actually kicking the ball...), but it's a fairly good pic anyway. You can tell he intends to kick it! They lost again, but only 0-2. It hasn't been a great soccer season as far as winning games, but I think Samuel is having a good time.

Here is a picture from our dinner cruise on the Southern Belle in Chattanooga, TN. After I took this picture and we started to go back down for our dinner we discovered that it was far more scenic on the OTHER side of the boat. Oh well... Samuel, Matthew & Megan all seemed to have a good time. Samuel even learned the macarena. Bars and dance floors are really not an appropriate scene for my 8-year-old son, so I doubt we'll ever go again, but I'm glad we finally got the chance to go since I've always wanted to see what it was like.

This blog was edited on 10/29/2008 to remove blogging and pictures of something I gave to my secret sister at church. I originally posted it thinking "how on earth would she ever see that?" and lo and behold, now there is a chance. Slim, but still there. Oh well. In the event she reads this, she may realize who I am, but I would be surprised if she didn't already know anyway.

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