Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nobody Greater

Don't die of shock that I'm actually posting to my blog. Seriously, don't. I couldn't take the guilt.

So, this past Sunday morning I was all excited/scared/freaking out because I had the solo to the choir song. This happens approximately once a year, maybe twice if the choir is apparently we must have been. I got to sing in the first service and it went off without any drama, which is a nice change. I could elaborate, but that's not what this post is about.

During the second service, the praise team started singing a song they had not sung in the first service. It was so fantabulous that the Pastor came up and took the mike (mic?) and we sang it a gazillion wonderful times. I won't get into the thrill that I felt when I realized the direction the service was going and that I wouldn't have to sing my solo again. I guess I just did get into it, didn't I?

ANYWAY, I felt that I needed to share this praise/worship song that was so awesome because I have been singing it ever since. So has my husband. So has every single church person I've come across in the past three days. EVERY one. Oh, except you Athena, since you missed it. :)



A. Davis said...

Wow, call me out right here in front of all of your anxious readers! I was going to listen, but I am right in the middle of the new Taylor Swift album, so it's gonna hafta wait. ;)

tinabea said...

Yes, all my many, many readers now know that you missed a great service. I'm sure they are shocked.

Do you like the new TSwift album? I listened to snippets on iTunes last night. Or were you kidding about that?

A Joyful Chaos said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Tobey said...

Ohhhh Tina I like this song! I have never heard it before. Thanks for sharing.