Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Randomness on a Tuesday when there is no new LOST

No new LOST tonight, therefore I blog. It's this or cry, so this it be.


1. Couponing is WAY harder than it needs to be. Food should just be cheaper so I don't have to do all this mess.

2. Said couponing has led me to do something that hasn't started, but I'm already regretting. We signed up for the "Couponer's Special" of the Chattanooga Times where we get FOUR Sunday papers delivered to our house (and other papers during the week...) John's main concern is that our paperboy/girl/man/woman/person will HATE OUR GUTS. I fear he is correct. I predict we will cancel this service in 2 weeks.

3. I am watching the series "Bones" on Netflix and I'm in season one. My last point made me remember that in an episode I just watched, Angela says to Bones, "Love your guts, sweetie" and I just REALLY liked it. If that was how I rolled - telling people I loved them and using words like sweetie - I would SO be saying this all the time.

4. Every time I make hamburgers, I proclaim George Foreman as my hero. I wouldn't have thought of this one if I had washed the G.F. and put it away last night like I should have, but it is just sitting there on my kitchen counter in all it's day-old grease-covered glory.

5. I'm loving the book I'm reading, "Bel Canto", but I just really want it to be over with. I need resolution. Soon.

6. I'm starting to believe the P in PMS stands for Pre-, Post- and Potentially Permanent.

7. Is anyone else's kid bonkers for these rubberband bracelet things? It wasn't two weeks ago that Samuel was totally unfazed by them, but sometime since then they have become "cool" and he won't stop begging me to take him to buy some.

8. If I didn't have a DVR, I would never watch American Idol again. I can NOT STAND to hear all the talking, and sometimes not all the singing. Crystal Bowersox will no doubt have an album whether she wins or loses, and I will no doubt buy it. Of course, I said that about Danny Gokey and I still haven't bought his either. Now if there were a coupon for that...

9. Blogs I read nearly every day (or whenever they have a new post). There are a few others, but I read them more randomly. Let me know if there are any more good ones I should be reading.

Living Proof Ministries
Big Mama
The Pioneer Woman
Stuff Christians Like

10. I really need to quit reading blogs and go wash my George Foreman.

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Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

I quit buying the paper hoping to go to all printables and ordering specific coupons from services like coupon clippers.com. Clearly, this isn't working out for me as I've just quit couponing all together.

Reagan has a collection of those silly bracelets. I don't know where he gets them, but he has quite a few. (He's also loaded, so probably trips to the dollar store??)