Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Met Danny Gokey

No, I haven't blogged in months. I knew I'd eventually get around to it. I don't know how people blog every single day. OK, so I met Danny Gokey on Monday. For real! My coworker Deb came in around 8:30 am and asked if I had lunch plans. I said, "I've got a Lean Cuisine." Then she tells me that she was one of the first 10 callers into US101 and she was going to meet Danny Gokey at noon and did I want to go? I nearly fell out of my chair. I thought we'd be getting actual food (being lunch and all...) but listening to Danny sing is probably way better than watching him scarf down a sandwich. He sang 3 songs from his upcoming album, and I have to say they were really, really good. I'll be buying his album when it comes out.


Amy Bennett said...

Hi! I'm the creator/owner of and your post came up in my Google Alerts. Would it be ok if I shared your post and/or pictures on the site?

So glad you met him. I just went last night to the Bobcats game and saw him. He's such a great guy!

tinabea said...

Sure Amy! Although I'll tell you the first two pics I nabbed from when they posted them that afternoon. They told us they would have them online for us, so I don't think it's a problem! It was really neat getting to meet him. I was sitting in the front row, so I got a couple good close ups, but I liked the shot they had online that showed the whole band (and me in the front row lol). I felt funny taking too many pictures while he was singing because I felt like I was all up in his face and that it might be considered rude ;-)

Amy Bennett said...

Thank you! We posted it!

I felt the same way about taking pictures. He was doing a meet and greet and I was taking pictures of him with other people and in between. I know he felt like I was the paparazzi!