Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Neglectful Blogger

I admit it, I have been neglecting my blog. To remedy this situation, I will blog TWICE today. Yes, you heard right...TWICE.

Here is a new
picture of Samuel. It was "Crazy Hair Day" at school and he convinced me to spray paint his hair blue. I also painted his ears, neck and forehead blue in the process, but managed to get most of it cleaned off before I sent him on his way to school.

Samuel is doing a "Flat Stanley" project for school, so we mailed F.S. off to Michigan and my family took him to Frankenmuth - to Bronner's - the World's Largest Christmas Store. The Easter Bunny happened to be there that day, so we were able to get a picture of F.S. with him. These are a few of the pictures. My fave is F.S. in the nativity. I included the picture of F.S. with Santa because, frankly, that Santa is a little weird and I just felt like sharing.

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