Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 13, 2008

Today was Samuel's first soccer game of the season. I didn't get many good pictures because I was too busy trying to remain calm while the other team thoroughly stomped all over our little Tiger team. I believe the score was 0-9, although in Upwards we technically don't keep score (but you can bet the parents do! ha ha) Samuel did a great job running, although he still struggles with fear of the ball. Hopefully, we will be more evenly matched against whatever team we play next week!

Samuel's insect project was finally completed with a lot of work on the part of all three of us. John held the bugs, I held the hot glue gun, and Samuel labeled the cards and helped me get them in the pizza box. He also had to fill out an information sheet on each bug, so that took a lot of time. John helped with the internet research. Overall, it was a fun experience and we all learned a lot. I was thrilled the day Samuel got those bugs out of my house! :-)

I have no pictures of our poor little Ford Escort, but John had a major wreck this week and the car is no more. A teenager pulled in front of him and John hit him hard. It was a very frightening experience...especially when they had to cut the boy out of his car and then the Chaplain showed up! Amazingly, both the boy and John are OK. John has a wound (an air bag burn?) on his head and around his eye is bruised. I thank God every day that He protected John the way that he did.